Training and Fixing Account Suspensions

Premium Advertising ( offers training to online business owners, e-tailers, and eCommerce stores. The goal is to make sure that we help you meet your deadlines for uptime for advertising.

We take the time to help you work through the complexities of placing media on Google Ads Search and Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram. When placing advertisements in today's restrictive media, it's easy to get lost in all of the requirements. There is an additional layer of difficulty understanding each media partner's nuances, how to have your media approved, and understanding the terms and conditions, restrictions, and common mistakes regarding media placement. Moreover, Premium Advertising can help you repair and reinstate suspended accounts in Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ways we can help: We listen to you, taking the time to understand your needs and learning your immediate goals. We take note of any problems and determine the best course of action with you. After working with hundreds of companies, it's clear that often training is the solution and the most effective way for success in achieving new sales while learning best practices for building audiences for your business. If, for example, the account and campaign suspension have been a problem, we work together to identify the common causes and train and advise to regain campaign approval to have an uninterrupted media flow.

Google and Facebook routinely scan your website and the ads you place with their robotic systems. Also, they conduct automated account reviews of the account name, ownership verification and often flag and suspend accounts for lack of ad transparency or ad compliance. A machine governs their policies and it's not unusual for a good site to have its ad content flagged for account suspension due to a simple phrase or text discrepancy with the product. We have successfully worked with clients to solve this problem and will work with you to help identify these types of problems.

How we do it: Ken Margolis provides personal training by phone, via Zoom and video conferences, and also offers recorded sessions and account review. We can train you to manage your media or offer managed services. Premium Advertising specializes in training to use the AI software of for Agencies, SMBs, eCommerce, and Services that have been proven to help businesses generate sales leads and more effective results.