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AdScale Makes It Easy for SMB Novice Marketers to Place Their Own Media In Minutes

Miami, FL, – Ken Margolis Associates (KMA) today announced an agreement to represent to its North American clients and introduces The website offers free training to online business owners, e-tailers and e-commerce stores. Clients also get advertising on Google Ads Search and Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) featured powered by AdScale’s Automated Media Buying Service. AdScale makes it easy for SMB novice marketers to place their own media in minutes.

Business owners and online store managers can now, via a free 30-day trial to the platform, gain access to AdScale’s AI advertising campaign tools plus free campaign set up for training or demo on  This limited time promotion provides one-on-one coaching by Ken Margolis, a pioneer of digital media and online advertising. This trial is a risk-free opportunity to test AdScale’s AI powered media buying service.  E-commerce marketing managers can quickly learn how to set up smart comprehensive advertising campaigns on Google Ads Search and Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram.

Business owners can leverage the power of AI using their own unique product data, see their campaigns refine targeting using real-time market data, and measure the results. AdScale clients are scaling their advertising with AI efficiency and averaging 1000% Return On Investment (ROI) on their campaigns, as evidenced by client testimonials at

Instead of managing individual sales campaigns on Google Ads Search and Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram, and then relying on their internal AI systems that only maximize one sales channel – with AdScale, businesses can now use AI to maximize individual performance and budget over multiple channels for a greater increase in total ROI while saving time and money.

In addition to self-managing campaigns with its automated media buying service, Ken Margolis is offering fully managed campaign services that are available through

Business owners and e-commerce store managers can now sign up for free AdScale access and training with Ken Margolis at   Ken provides personal training by phone, via Zoom and video conferences.

Ken Margolis trains and introduces business owners to the power of AI and Machine Learning (ML), the fastest growing tool for online sales growth and efficiency. He has over 20 years experience managing digital media campaigns and showing clients how they can use the latest advances in digital technology most effectively.

Ken can be contacted directly at 1-415-839-1026 – [email protected] and through


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