Are you looking at ways to improve your advertising results on Google, Facebook, and Instagram?  Additionally, I can provide you with answers and solutions on the impact of the recent changes for conversion tracking on Facebook or the privacy changes on iPhone and Google.

As a Shopify platform user, our AdScale app is available from Shopify’s app store. AdScale makes it easier to place your ads and view results in one cross-platform dashboard.

AdScale creates new custom audiences for you in Facebook and Instagram from your store and customer order history and provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to create ads with these new audiences to improve three KPIs:

• Customer Lifetime Value

• Customer Repeat Rate

• Average Order Value

AdScale saves you time with creating and managing ads on Google Shopping, Google Search, Facebook, and Instagram and we automatically will set up all the pixels and ad segments. Then, bids and budgets are managed automatically across all platforms to improve ROAS. AdScale uses linear regression modeling to turn off non-performing ads. Additionally, based on sales data in your store, AdScale manages budgets to show your ads at the most cost-efficient day of the week, and time of day.

You view all the results on one screen and one dashboard for Google Shopping, Google Search, Facebook, and Instagram.

Can I answer any questions about using AdScale today?  I offer training at no cost with a free trial for the service.

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Shopify Success Stories:

Braxley Band

“It works like a charm. We got our first sale only a few days after the initial setup, and in less than a month we reached to a 685% ROI.”

Annabelle Boutique

“AdScale took my advertising budget

and helped me earn returns 10x higher

than my investment.”


“Great app that started delivering sales within the 2nd day of use at an extremely low CAC. The lowest I’ve ever seen.”


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